The "Giving First" approach to wealth, health, & happiness

"Philanthropy" for the 21st Century - - 

Fulfillment Planning (TM) for explosive growth

About Us

Laura Waller is on a mission to equip modern professional advisors to:

  • Improve client outcomes - take them from surviving to thriving
  • Stand out in a crowded financial services market
  • Connect client values with their abundance in purposeful action
  • Build a solid, flourishing practice


  • The best clients want their wealth to mean something and have a purpose beyond mere personal comfort.
  • The new tax environment is stripping away the artificial distractions about the true purpose and value of charitable giving.
  • Robo-advisors and Artificial Intelligence are making it more difficult to provide "better" technical performance results than any other advisor.
  • The leading financial advisors in the past have been the ones who could truly connect with their clients on a human, personal level and provide acceptable portfolio performance.
  • The advisors who will dominate the industry in the future will be the ones who can skillfully use Giving as the primary empowerment tool for their clients to experience increased prosperity with purpose.


Fulfillment Planning (TM) - the 3-step model that uses GIVING as the Centerpiece to:

  • Attract and retain HNW, hi-quality clients
  • Establish an economy-resilient practice
  • Compound the expansion of your clients' influence, impact and abundance
  • Generate an increasing client-base and practice revenue

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