Fulfillment Planning


You don’t have to be a billionaire to behave like one…

People such as Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, and Bill and Melinda Gates approach their lives on purpose, with purpose. They were generous and “philanthropic” before they were rich and famous. Some may argue that they are successful and prosperous precisely because they were generous all along.  Laura Waller shows professional advisors the best practices to equip clients to take control of their finances at any age. The process is simple:

  1. Define our values.
  2. Assess your abundance.
  3. Purposefully structure income flow and assets to produce revenue so that you can take action to make the difference you want for the people, causes and institutions you love.  

It's for everyone

We don't hold seminars - we host experiences.  The On Purpose, With Purpose(TM) events for donor-clients inspire a new perspective that leads to an abundance mindset. . . . and that means more transformational gifts for your organization.

Advisors- Professional Development

We host events, education services and and mastermind groups for financial, legal and tax advisors to equip them to use Giving as a powerful business building tool. Create a "practice that matters" and make a difference in thousands of lives.  Fulfillment Planning (TM) transforms your clients' lives and results in undeniable success for your practice.

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Strategies that produce benefits for everyone

Prosperity with Purpose

  • Giving as the FIRST line item
  • Developing smart money habits
  • Going from Consumerism to Impact

Success, Significance, Security

•Peace of mind – less anxiety

•Abundance mindset

•Defines who “I am”


Integrated Planning

  • Traditional tools-new combinations
  • Underutilized financial tools
  • Total Revenue perspective
  • Re-generation of split-interest gifts
  • Multigenerational impact

High-Quality Clients

  • Attract & Retain HNW clients
  • People who value the professional advice
  • Giving is a high-priority

Business Owners

  • Succession Planning
  • Age 45-60
  • Individual "OPUS" Coaching
  • Involve entire team of business / personal advisors

Business Builidng Model

  • Magnify every relationship
  • Case-by-case consulting
  • Staff development / support